Buxism: New Movement in PTC

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Buxism: New Movement in PTC

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:20 pm

Our main motive here is to provide top quality advertising to advertisers at affordable rates along with high enough click rates for members so that Buxism becomes their premium source of online earnings.

The prelaunch features :
Discounted memberships and advertising.
Balances will not be reseted.
Pioneer memberships for members joining in prelaunch.
No Referral Limits.

Main features are:
Instant Payments for premium members.
Alertpay, Paypal and LibertyReserve fully supported.
Both Renting and Buying Referrals.
Advanced Ticket System.
Live Support.

More features, contests, discounts coming soon.

Happy Clicking



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